Mission Statement

Ad Club/AAF – Great Falls is an award winning organization dedicated to furthering effective advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Core Values

  1. Foster higher standards of practice in advertising
  2. Further educate members in the business of producing, buying and selling advertising and allied subjects
  3. Encourage the use of good advertising
  4. Encourage legislation beneficial to the advertising industry
  5. Inform the public regarding the importance of advertising
  6. Engage in civic projects for the good of the Great Falls area


The club maintains a current set of by-laws as voted on by the membership.

Historical Perspectivepdf_logo

The current iteration of the club was started in 1957 as a method to provide education to marketers and protection to consumers. One of the early goals was to stamp out unethical advertising, something we now take for granted. The club's Board of Directors reads like a "Who's Who" of the Great Falls business community. Over the years the club has participated in numerous community events including advertising and art scholarships, a booth at the State Fair to raise money for students and a holiday event that donated thousands of pounds of food to the local food bank. One of the largest endeavors was the brainchild of Norma Ashby, an art auction to raise awareness for young artist. That concept was nurtured for 41 years, raising millions of dollars for the CM Russell Museum located right here in Great Falls, Montana.